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Powr of VOA Academy members will receive access to the forum which includes:

  • An ever growing bank of education
  • Access to private VOA Academy Facebook Group
  • 1:1 Weekly Coaching
  • Weekly LIVE Q&A
  • Structured mentor feedback
  • Monthly Mastery hour with special guest speakers
  • Discounts on continued coaching and future events
  • Daily guided coaching questions
  • Social media and marketing boosters
  • Total value of $16,050

Additional Information

Through The Powr of VOA Academy you'll receive guided step-by-step instructions of how to create a strong and healthy foundation to build your business powrfully so you can decide:

  • Who you work with
  • How much you charge
  • How much or how little you want to work

Guided worksheets and templates will be provided to help you begin designing your Powrful virtual business.

You'll also receive a 1:1 session with Holly each month for 6 months to talk about the specific aspects of your business and the next steps to move forward so you can start building your business right away! No waiting for the end of the course.

Start signing with clients in the first month.

In addition you'll be connected with a growing group of Powrful virtual assistants such as yourself through the VOA Academy Forum!

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