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You CAN Make $5,000 a Month as a Virtual Assistant

Don't Waste Countless Hours and Dollars on Trial and Error! Get the Skills You Need to Take Control of Your Future Today!

* Work from Anywhere in the World

* Choose Your Own Hours

* Set Your Own Prices

* Spend More Time with Your Family

* Enjoy More Time for Yourself

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How to become a virtual assistant and make money from home
When you enroll in VOA Academy, you'll learn the precise steps you need to take to build your own virtual assistant business quickly and effectively.

Along with your academic education, you'll receive monthly 1:1 coaching sessions with VOA Academy founder, Holly McPherson, as well as the entrepreneurial support of the VOA Academy community.

 The combined power of education and support will ensure you get your virtual assistant business off the ground immediately, and GET YOUR FIRST CLIENTS WITHIN 30 DAYS, GUARANTEED!
Qualified virtual assistants earn on average $5000 per month.


$2,500, or $500/mo for 6 Months

VOA Academy One-Time Payment Product

Your Investment Comes With:

- Weekly LIVE Q&A

- Structured Mentor Feedback

- Monthly Mastery Class with Special Guest Speaker

- Daily Guided Coaching Questions

- Discounts on continued coaching and future events

- Social Media and Marketing Boosters


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